Ep. 1: The One Where No One’s Ready

Ep. 1: The One Where No One’s Ready

Hold onto your headphones everyone. Four months after teasing the series, we’re finally launching the podcast. In this week’s One Off, Dave and Steve return to the hottest show of the 90s (and early 00s) with Season 3, Episode 2 of Friends. Learn how they try to manipulate the people around them, sometimes into being better people and sometimes into not paying for coffee. Netflix’s description for this week’s episode is, “In a race against the clock, Ross tries to get the gang dressed and ready for a black-tie benefit at the museum.”

  • “The One Where No One’s Ready” is available on Netflix or iTunes
  • Steve does not ease into the episode at all. This causes Dave to laugh, not because he finds it funny but because he is uncomfortable.
  • Dave tries to get Steve to drink his dude thing.
  • Steve is concerned about the health of Ross and Rachel’s relationship.
  • Steve admits that past-Steve was dumb.
  • Cruxt.
  • This episode gives the audience some insight into how Dave and Steve think about the world: like weirdos.
  • Steve sexually identifies with this scene from Community.
  • Steve shares one of his more banal life goals.
  • Dave worries about being a vampire.
  • If you invite Dave out for coffee, beware his power moves.
  • Steve and Dave really know how to bring an episode home for their audience: five minutes of philosophy, baby.
Ep. 0: Our Man Bashir

Ep. 0: Our Man Bashir

This week’s pilot for One Offs takes Dave and Steve into familiar territory with Season 4, Episode 10 of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Listen as they boldly go where millions of people have gone before through a discussion of holodecks, Christmas episodes, and Bond girls. According to Netflix, in this week’s episode “Bashir is enjoying a holosuit program that casts him as a super suave, 1960s Earth secret agent when Garak intrudes on his fantasy.”

  • “Our Man Bashir” is available on Netflix or iTunes.
  • Netflix suggests that ‘Our Man Bashir’ is the ninth episode of the season, because it is a liar.
  • Dave worries about his fantasies becoming reality.
  • Steve and Dave give a shoutout to the unsung hero of the Trek-verse: Reginald Barclay.
  • Steve and Dave forget what century it is.
  • This episode says a lot more about Dave and Steve than it does about Star Trek.
  • Is Netflix ruining Christmas episodes?
  • Mona Luvsit is the height of subtly in comparison to some of the actual Bond girl names. See: Molly Warmflesh or Holly Goodhead.
  • It seems absolutely ridiculous to use the term “James Bond nerds”. Is nothing sacred anymore, Steve?
  • Dave thinks television shows should be a little more conversation, a little less action please.
  • Steve doesn’t seem to have the courage of his convictions.
  • In case anyone had any doubts, Steve was a young nerd.